Tips and Hints


Getting from the airport to anywhere: Remember, if you need to get a taxi cab at the airport, there is a person at the West end of the terminal to assit you is calling a cab.  You’ll receive a number of suggested modes of transportation but Unicity Taxi is the taxi cab service of choice for the James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.  The average cost for a taxi from the Airport to downtown is $15.00 to $16.00 depending on the traffic conditions.


Dress apporipately. Keep in mind that it is hot during our summers and can be very cold in our winters. Depending on the time of year (mid 25C to 30C on average in the summer and -20C to -40C is fairly normal in the winters (Wind Chill included).   Check the weather report for Winnipeg here.


Using our Integrated Voice Recognition (IVR) system: If you have used our company previously and we enter your phone number and address into our system your next call can be automatically schedule for a taxi to be dispatched to the address ON FILE. Our  IVR system uses your phone number (via caller ID) to pull up your last record and offers you to press 1 if you wish a taxi cab to be dispatched to the same address.  Please note if you on a cell phone and not at the address on file do not press 1 as your cab will go to the wrong place.  This will inconvenience you and the driver who will be waiting at your registered address.

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